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‘’ I’m NUTS about You “ Canine Cookie Gift Box

‘’ I’m NUTS about You “ Canine Cookie Gift Box

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Which Gift Box Sticker will you pick?

These adorable acorn-shaped cookies and a heartfelt plaque are the perfect way to show your pup some love.

Order now and watch tails wag with delight!

"I'M NUTS about YOU” Gift Box Set 

(1) I’m Nuts about You Sign Iced Canine Cookie @ 4''
(8) Adorable Acorn Iced Canine Cookies @ 2''
(6) Dog Designer Iced Canine Cookies @ 1-1/4''
(2) Bark BONUS Iced Cookies @ 2-3/4’’
(1) Happy Fall Y’all Gift Box Sticker (optional) OR
(1) Love Gift Box Sticker ( optional) 
(1) Doggie Bag Box (we'll pick the right one for the job)

* Variations in Design & Color may occur from Batch to Batch*
* Heat-Sealed for Maximum Freshness & Flavor Preservation*
* Sprinkles,Fondant,Candy Eyes etc. is NOT sugar-free. 

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We understand that every dog is unique, with individual dietary needs and sensitivities. Therefore, we encourage you to carefully review the list of ingredients we use in our cookies to ensure they align with your dog's specific requirements. You, as responsible pet owners, are the best judges of what's suitable for your beloved companions.

Please be aware that while we take every precaution to create safe and healthy treats, we cannot be held responsible for any negative issues that may arise if your dog consumes an ingredient that does not agree with them. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian if you have any concerns about your dog's diet or any potential allergies.

~ Thank you for your support!

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Dogs + DBB Cookies = ❤️

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