🐾Paws & Pastries Partnership



Why Shops Should Carry Our Healthy Canine Cookies: Natural,Vegan,Grain,Wheat & Gluten-Free. Decorated with Natural and Sugar-Free plant based Dog Icing.

  • Benefits:

    • Enhances customer experience.
    • Offers premium quality Iced Cookies for dogs.
    • Promotes well-being and general happiness of furry companions and their Humans. 


  • Would your Shop be interested? : To name a Few...

    1. Pet Boutiques
    2. Pet Supply Stores
    3. Gourmet Food Stores
    4. Natural and Organic Markets
    5. Veterinary Clinics
    6. Doggie Daycares and Boarding Facilities
    7. Farmers Markets
    8. Coffee Shops with Outdoor Seating
    9. Gift Shops
    10. Health Food Stores 


  • We want dogs all over the U.S to benefit from our Cookies. Here's our Offer. 

    • Tiered discounts for affordability at 15% to 20%
    • $150 minimum order with flat $20 shipping.
    • Dedicated account listing for easy re-orders.


  • Next Steps:

    • Contact us to learn more about collaboration opportunities!

Note: This is not a wholesale program. We seek partners who align with our values and standards. Seeking healthy Canine Treats for their Shop.



At Doggie Bag Biscuits Bakery, we uphold full control over our name, image/brand, recipes, and products. When we speak of "partnership," it exclusively pertains to the purchase of our cookies for your shop. We appreciate your comprehension and regard for our brand integrity.

Thank you for considering Doggie Bag Biscuits.


Nosey Dogs...

"At Doggie Bag Biscuits, we believe in celebrating every dog's natural love for treats! Did you know that dogs have an incredible sense of smell? In fact, they can detect scents at concentrations as low as one part per trillion! 🐾