🐾Paws & Pastries Partnership

Why Partner with Us? Paws & Pastries Partnership offers a wonderful way to enhance your shop's product offerings. Our Specialty Gourmet Iced Canine Bakery Cookies are one of a kind and picky pooch approved.

Paws & Pastries Partnership: Join our Paws & Pastries Partnership for exclusive benefits:

  • $150 minimum order with a special partnership discount.
  • Flat $20 shipping rate with the $150 minimum order. 
  • Dedicated account listing for your Shop for easy re-ordering.
  • We offer a 15% or 20% base discount per P&PP status.

Monthly Ordering Made Easy:  

  • Ensure consistency by placing orders at the same time each month/bi-monthly.
  • You choose the day/date for your convenience.

If adjustments are needed, please contact us, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. 

How to Start: Visit our Contact Page to express interest/ask questions and get a personalized quote. 

Processing & Shipping times for Paws&Pastries Partnership: Orders are tailored to your cookie count and preferences. To ensure a structured ship date, consider setting a specific date when reordering monthly or bi-monthly. Our handmade canine cookies receive meticulous care and attention, ensuring their high quality and your satisfaction.

Partnership Details: Our collaboration is guided by a mutually agreed-upon agreement. Adjustments to terms can be discussed as our partnership grows, always with fairness in mind. We retain the right to end the partnership, ensuring transparency.

Price Flexibility: Our commitment is to provide top-quality products and services. We may adjust pricing considering factors like the cost of living/shipping dynamics. Your understanding and support are appreciated.

Brand Integrity: We retain full control over our brand, recipe, and products. The term "partnership" specifically refers to the purchase of our cookies for your shop. We value your understanding and respect for our brand integrity.

Thank you for considering Doggie Bag Biscuits. We look forward to bringing our specialty gourmet iced canine cookies to your shop and pampering your customers' pups! 


Nosey Dogs...

"At Doggie Bag Biscuits, we believe in celebrating every dog's natural love for treats! Did you know that dogs have an incredible sense of smell? In fact, they can detect scents at concentrations as low as one part per trillion! 🐾