🐾Rescues,Transports & Shelters...Oh My!


We donate a portion of each Sale. We save until we reach a specific amount. That amount is given randomly and fairly to one of the following... A Rescue,Transport or Shelter within the U.S. 

None of this would be possible without YOU! From all parts of my Paw-Printed heart...THANK YOU! 

*We'd like to also Thank ALL of those that work so hard and tirelessly in the Rescues,Transportation and Shelters. As rewarding as it is...we understand it takes very special people to continue this mission. * You have our continuous Prayers and Support* ~ Much Puppy Love, Mommy&Sercha' Ann


Nosey Dogs...

"At Doggie Bag Biscuits, we believe in celebrating every dog's natural love for treats! Did you know that dogs have an incredible sense of smell? In fact, they can detect scents at concentrations as low as one part per trillion! 🐾