🐾 About Us


"Greetings! I'm April a.k.a Mommy, the founder of Doggie Bag Biscuits. I'm here to share our story, which began with a heartfelt mission.

My own furry friends faced allergies and dietary sensitivities, and I couldn't find treats that met their needs. Determined to make a difference, I delved into creating a special recipe that focused on health and taste.

Our recipe underwent rigorous testing, with the help of local veterinarians who ensured the safety of every ingredient. The result? Our cookies were a hit!

Word spread, and we decided to turn our passion into a business. Thanks to supporters like you, we've been able to provide wholesome treats for many dogs.

We're grateful for your kindness and support, and we're delighted to be a part of your dog's special moments.

Warm regards, April (Mommy) & The Doggie Bag Biscuits Team

Est. 2014 ~ Crestview Hills, KY"

Nosey Dogs...

"At Doggie Bag Biscuits, we believe in celebrating every dog's natural love for treats! Did you know that dogs have an incredible sense of smell? In fact, they can detect scents at concentrations as low as one part per trillion! 🐾