🐾 About Us

My name is April (a.k.a “Mommy’’) and I'm an experienced 4 out of 4 paws approved Professional Canine Cookier. A Passion close to my heart born from personal struggles. My Shih-Tzu’s struggled and I took that personally. The Struggle is indeed Real! 

Bringing the best...we strictly focus on Allergies and Food Sensitivity issues. The Foundation of who we are. “Doggie Bag Biscuits” exists to give other Dogs that know this struggle, what they love…besides us, TREATS!

An Enormous amount of Time and Effort went into Creating our very own Specialty Recipe. An exceptional Veterinarian and Canine Nutritionalist approved recipe that caters to a large percentage of Dogs.

Know that each and every cookie is created from scratch. Freshly Oven Baked, Hand-Decorated and carefully packaged, shipped directly to your Doggie Door. We're "Creating Healthy Treats & Happy Dogs".

Many of you have expressed your gratitude and appreciation for Doggie Bag Biscuits. Thank you all for your kind Words and Amazing support. We’re truly honored to be a small part of your life moments. 
Much Puppy Love, ❤️Mommy&Sercha’🐾